Cardigan Women Vest Cardigan Women Vest

Cardigan Women Vest

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The Cardigan continues to grow in popularity and is widely known as one of the lightest and most comfortable jackets on the market.  The women?s version is ergonomically designed to fit all the natural curves perfectly.  The pull-over design provides maximum comfort and flexibility? no zippers or buckles to get in your way.  The Cardigan is Ultra-light, and the quilted and segmented foam provides you with a lightweight vest that fits unlike any other! 

Pullover System
Increased forward flex and comfort... no zippers to get in the way

Women?s Cut

Cut to fit just right

Quilted Foam Panels

Designed to fit you perfectly

Super-Stretch Neoprene
Flex panels allow vest to move in synch with your movements

Oversized Arm Holes
Extra space and comfort for added mobility

Strapless design
Clean and simple with nothing to get in your way on handle passe

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